Kalliope Kids: Birthday Presents for My 80’s Pop Princess

80's Pop PrincessMy niece’s birthday is September 5, and she is all girl and channeling her inner 80’s diva!  My project for today has been to finish off her pink wristlets and leg warmers–she’s none to happy that I made her pose in them and then give them back to me to wrap up for her birthday next week!

Not to worry–she knew they were coming.  I started them last week and, because I am winging this, I needed her to try them on.  These were made with acrylic yarn that I found in the craft box (we used it to make hearts last Valentine’s Day–that is a post for another day!) and my Knifty Knitters.  I used the blue (small) infant hat hoop for the leg warmers and the flower loom for the wristlets–she’s turning 5 and not too big.

Leg warmersI doubled up the yarn in this one–for the wristlets I used one strand light and one strand dark pink.  The leg warmers were the same, but I used 2 strands dark pink for the top and bottom edges.  I also edged both with alternating knit/purl rows, and knit the main body.  I’m liking how they turned out, but I do find that the leg warmers are a bit stiff from the doubled yarn.  I’m hoping that they soften up a bit in the wash!  Leg WarmersWristlets


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