Kalliope Kids: Giant Checkers!

Giant Checkers!I made this giant checkers board just before the block party we had last month–but decided that I needed storage pockets for the checkers themselves. Meeska has been playing with the checkers for a while, and we have now lost several colors, so I needed a way to store them so he can’t get at them (he is, after all, only a year and a half).

My checkers board measures about 56″ x 56″– give or take. I wanted to give it a rustic, homemade feel with the fabrics that K-Dogg chose, so I just cut squares and serged the edges (actually, it was two fold–I was also being lazy and didn’t want to finish the edges of all the squares–there are a lot!) I then laid them out in rows and sewed them on–long rows of sewing up and down the fabric. I also attached a backing on it, because it is made to go outside and can be doubled as an outdoor blanket (good for picnics in the park!).

Pocket and Checker DetailToday I added the pockets for the checkers–if I had been thinking, I would have done this before attaching the back fabric since the stitching now shows on the front (good to remember for next time!). I made 2 pockets with flaps, added snaps so they stay closed, and sewed them on to alternate corners on the back side (one for each color). The ‘checkers’ themselves are 6″ foam circles that I found at the dollar store, and I was so happy to find them!

Now I just need to come up with some other board games that I can make giant size for playing outdoors!


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