Kalliope Kids: Padded Scarf Box

Yet another past project that I am posting… but I have an excuse. I had to take my serger in to be serviced today–I was working on Bug’s Unicorn Cape (post to follow!) and jammed my machine so bad that I couldn’t get it to budge. So in to the repair shop it went.

This is a soft fabric scarf box. We go to the local library’s story time, and Meeska loves to play with the scarves when they come out (they use them with music and get to throw them up in the air). I decided he needed his own at home–and something to store them in. So this came about.

I made a bunch of scarves from different fabrics–I wanted different colors and textures for him, so he has a black webbed fabric, velvet, chiffon, sequined fabric, and so on. It gives him the tactile variety when he is pulling them out, and we can practice colors as well. (Just to throw a little learning tool in the creation!)

The scarf box itself is made out of three different fabrics that are on opposing sides of the box. I used music-themed fabric, since this was meant to be used with music time, and I layered it with batting to give it some structure–each panel is two fabric pieces sandwiching a layer of batting. (I therefore cut 12 squares of fabric and 6 of batting of the same size.)

I embroidered a circle on the top and cut the center out first (the embroidery and cut went through all three layers), then got to sewing. I sewed the four sides together in a long row, adding piping between them, and then closed the gap. I then sewed on the top and bottom, right sides in, finished the edges (not that they can be seen, but I am picky that way!) and flipped the entire thing right-side out through the hole on the top (that’s why I embroidered and cut it first!). All that was left was to stuff the box full of the scarves!

Just as a note, when I went to take the pictures this evening, I found the box stuffed with all sorts of other goodies–cars, hair clips, balls…Apparently the box is a good hiding spot for treasures too! I think it would also make a good feeler/discovery box for little ones, since you can’t really see in it. Just put items with different sizes, textures, substances inside, and let them feel around and see if they can tell you what’s in it. I plan to try this with Meeska once he starts talking–it’s hard for him to identify things when he can’t really talk yet!


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