Kalliope Kids: More Tutu Hairbow Holders!

I know you all are terribly worried by the delay in posts… 🙂  I have been busy, busy, busy crafting, but I haven’t managed to actually FINISH very much this week!  Most of my crafting has been all about the boy’s room, since I really, really, REALLY want it to be finished.  But that post will be for a later day.  And it will be a big post–I know you can’t wait!

I did, however, make some more tutu hairbow holders this weekend for gifts.  We had a birthday party to go to, and we thought these would make a great present for the girls.  I wish I could say they liked them, but we had to leave before presents were opened and I have no idea!  (I also have no idea if they even know what they are!)

I’m so excited about making these–they are satisfying my need to be girly!  One day I may manage to put some up for sale.  And actually, I sold these to my sister for the whopping price of…the supplies to make them!


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  1. psgrannie
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 23:35:55

    This is fantastic! I read all of the crafts and instructions back to Leila’ s 80’s photos so far. Karen, you are amazing! I knew you were talented but now I think u are incredible. All of us reap the benefits of your creativity. Love and hugs, Mum.


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