Kalliope Kids: Aprons!

For those of you following this blog by email… I’m sorry if you received multiple new post emails! The new iPad is fun but I haven’t worked everything out yet as far as how to post and upload images.
I went to start making apple pies this morning (after picking this weekend, we have a plethora of apples!) and realized that I had a couple very cute little aprons that I had am for the kidlets back when there were only two! So I thought I should post them here. The one for Bug is very girly, and I added a couple pleats to make it more so. . And of course, they are both reversible! The better to match whatever outfit we happen to be wearing!
K-Dogg’s is pirate themed- very boy. His is also reversible, with skulls on one side and stripes on the other. I designed his to be much more masculine in shape (no pleats or ruffles here!). Yes, I created the design on these–I have a hard time paying money for patterns when I can just as easily create one myself and know that it is exactly what I want!.



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  1. psgrannie
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 20:00:42



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