Kalliope Kids: I-Spy Bag

20121008-142913.jpgMy latest project for the littlest one: an I-spy bag! Apparently I am late to the game on this one–I was shown one of these by another circus mom, and had never seen one before (although I have made a version of this in a bottle for the girl, now that I think about it). I showed it to Meeska, and he was hooked! He didn’t want to give it back, so I took that to mean he needed one of his very own. And here it is!

20121008-143211.jpgThe bag itself was easy peasy, but finding little objects to put in it was not! For the bag, I layered two pirate-y fabrics (skulls and stripes). (I made sure to line the bag because the inside is visible when you move the insides around.) I filled the bag with poly beads, and the little items I chose–I did make sure to take a picture of them before packing and sewing up the bag.

20121008-144221.jpgOn the back of the bag, I added a pocket with a ribbon to attach the item list. I just printed out a copy of the picture I took, laminated it (I do love my laminating machine!), and sewed the ribbon through a punched hole on it. That way, the item list can come out of the pocket and even wrap around to the front, for easy comparison when looking for stuff, and won’t get lost!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. psgrannie
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 04:25:35

    Cute–I want to play too! Maybe tomorrow


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