Kalliope Kids: Baby Blankets

20121013-163456.jpgBaby shower today! And since it is over, I can now share with you the presents I made! The first is a set of blankets and burp cloths. I made two versions–one a double blanket, one a single for the different weather (it gets so hot here in the summer that the single layer version is a necessity, but the doubles are always nice to keep baby warm in the winter!).
I like to use a yard of fabric, then cut the width down to make a square. That way I can use the excess to make some matching burp cloths (extra little towels to wipe are always handy. I still use the ones I made for Meeska even though he no longer spits up). So basically I fold in a corner to make a large triangle, then cut off the excess strip. For the single layered blanket, I just serged the edge, rounding the corners as I went. The double I serged the two layers together, right sides together, leaving a hole, and flipped it right side out and top-stitched it.

20121013-164841.jpgFor the burp cloths I just cut the extra strip of fabric in three, serged the edges and they were done! (I would have made some of the double-sided ones, but one of the fabrics I bought wasn’t as wide and the strip was too narrow to do anything with). Not a hard project, but one that is very handy. You can never have enough blankets around for baby for the first year!


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