Khepri Designs: Wood Letters

20121013-165629.jpgBaby shower presents part 2! Our other present to the new mom-to-be was the baby’s name in wood letters. My sister came home with the letters, with the instruction to me to “do something with them.” Hmmmm… Pinterest?
I found lots of pins on adding scrapbooking paper to wood letters, which I thought worked out perfectly since I could match the letters to the baby’s room colors. I just outlined the letters on the back side of the paper, then cut just inside the lines. (I tried to use my exacto knife and just cut around the letters but found that they didn’t cut as well). I then mod podged the letters to the front of the wood letters, and sanded the edges of the paper down where it was needed. Two coats of mod podge over the letters sealed them up!

20121013-171640.jpgI then attached two black ribbons to the top of each letter with heavy duty fabric glue (the kind in the tube) and tied the tops in bows. Super cute–I’m sure I will be making more!


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