Khepri Designs: Halloween Part 1 (Apothecary)

20121028-091430.jpgHalloween is in full swing around our house! I finally got around to making my apothecary, which I have wanted to do for several years now. I thought I would share, since I am so excited about it! (Can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday?)

20121028-091754.jpgI started a week-or-so ago, making apothecary jars from dollar store items. I found glass jars with lids and glass candlesticks, and spray painted the lids of the jars and the candlesticks black. I then hot glued the jars to the candlesticks. Easy peasy!

I also started making my gnome heads last week–carved apple heads! I love how they turned out. I just carved faces into peeled and cored apples, then let them sit on the window sill for a week to dry out. Squishy gnome heads done!


We then hit up our local antique stores to find more jars and a stand, and found a great one that is old and wooden. I printed out a bunch of labels, some which I found online (Johnny Love of has some fantastic ones that can be downloaded for personal use from his Flickr feed) and some of which I created myself. Then it was just about trying to fill the bottles!






We have swamp fog (cotton balls with blue-dyed water), zombie virus (bright green food dye and water), live cockroaches being eaten by a crow (plastic cockroaches), demon horns (I made these from Crayola Model Magic), eyeballs (not yet filled), life renewal potion (sea salt and glitter), snake oil (vegetable oil with a tail from a sticky hand floating in it), graveyard dust (flour), moon dust (sugar and glitter), vampire blood (fake blood left over from a photo shoot), Phoenix feathers (red, orange and yellow feathers), human flesh (beef jerky), the gnome heads, influenza virus (water dyed with a little green, blue, and black dye), pickled mice (plastic mice floating in water), toasted bat wings (cut up plastic bats), dead mans toes (dried black eyed peas), fur of werewolf (fuzzy yarn cut up), ghost goo (not yet filled, but I plan on making glow in the dark slime with the kids and use that), toadstool clippings (out of stock), and poison (the bottle is sealed shut). So much fun to make and so much fun for halloween!


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