Khepri Designs: Christmas Card Holder

20121216-183221.jpgIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house! I’m finally feeling like Christmas is coming, now that we have our trees up and decorated. It smells an awful lot like Christmas around here too! And while we have been decorating and cleaning up, I thought I should make up the card holder to put up our pile of cards we have already received! I headed to Ikea yesterday to get doors for the cabinets we ordered (I ordered the wrong size, and had to exchange them), and they had red picture frames that I thought would work perfectly for this project. So here it is!

20121216-183534.jpgI hot glued a strip of ribbon down each of the base ribbons I used–the two outer ribbons are green satin (though they look black in the picture) with red and white swirls, and the middle ribbon is silver and red with a strip of silver ribbon down the middle. I then glued the ribbons to the picture frame. I used my trusty Cricut to make the words “Merry Mail” with the ‘Feeling Groovy’ cartridge–white with a shadow of green–and added those to the front of the frame. A piece of ribbon glued to the top to hang it, and it was ready to go! I put in the family Christmas card that we are sending out, and I attached our received cards to the hanging ribbons with mini clothes pins (they are tiny, and sooooo cute!). I think it turned out great!



Kalliope Kids: Christmas Wish List Ornaments

20121210-155610.jpgI have been crafting. I swear. I have just been really bad about posting! But I will try to catch up.
Today we made the kidlets’ Christmas Wish List ornaments. Every year I try to turn their Christmas lists into an ornament to hang on the tree, so that one day they can have a collection of them. Actually, I think I still have last year’s in pieces. But I digress.
This year, we made Santa Claus ornaments. The kids wrote each item on their list on a piece of red paper, which we then rolled up and stuffed in a glass ornament. I then added a bit of glitter inside (have to have glitter!), painted a black band with acrylic paint around the ornament, and added a white square with an inside edge of glitter puff paint. I also sprinkled more glitter on the belt, just to add more shine. Really easy way to do it this year! I have to admit that the pictures of these ornaments suck, but I really like the ornaments themselves. And the wish lists are preserved!