Kalliope Kids: Christmas Wish List Ornaments

20121210-155610.jpgI have been crafting. I swear. I have just been really bad about posting! But I will try to catch up.
Today we made the kidlets’ Christmas Wish List ornaments. Every year I try to turn their Christmas lists into an ornament to hang on the tree, so that one day they can have a collection of them. Actually, I think I still have last year’s in pieces. But I digress.
This year, we made Santa Claus ornaments. The kids wrote each item on their list on a piece of red paper, which we then rolled up and stuffed in a glass ornament. I then added a bit of glitter inside (have to have glitter!), painted a black band with acrylic paint around the ornament, and added a white square with an inside edge of glitter puff paint. I also sprinkled more glitter on the belt, just to add more shine. Really easy way to do it this year! I have to admit that the pictures of these ornaments suck, but I really like the ornaments themselves. And the wish lists are preserved!



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