Kalliope Kids: Three Letter Flip Book

20130107-152546.jpgToday was the kidlets’ first day back to school after Christmas break, so I decided to continue with the learning and make Bug a new learning tool. It is a three-letter flip book–consonant, vowel, consonant, so she can work on her reading skills (she needs work!) I found a printable at http://www.atozphonics.com/phonicsflipbook.html, which was fantastic since I didn’t really want to figure it all out myself!

20130107-153132.jpgI printed off the letters from the site, cut them out and laminated them (I love my laminating machine!). I then wanted to create a cover for the book, to help protect the letters (ideally, Meeska will be able to use it too).

20130107-153309.jpgFor the cover, I used a piece of cardboard–we have so many extra boxes around here, I seem to use it in a lot of projects! I covered the cardboard with scraps of alphabet/school themed-fabric I had around from Meeska’s finger puppet book. I just hot-glued it on, tucking the edges under so it wouldn’t have frayed edges.

I then just punched holes in the top edges of everything, and bound it with metal rings. I did put the letters together a bit differently from the website, but added in their word list for reference. And now Bug can make her own three letter words, and practice reading them too!


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