Khepri Designs: Cake Stand

20130204-200812.jpgWe hosted a tea party last weekend. Well, not last weekend, since that was Superbowl and hosting a tea party that day would be silly. And it wasn’t one tea party, it was two. Oh yeah, and it was a Mad Hatter tea party. Confused yet?
The tea party post will follow, but I thought I should post the cake stand separately. I wanted to make a suitable cake stand. So, in my search for items for my tea party, I came across an old chandelier. And my cake stand was born!

20130204-201547.jpgHere is what I started with–a brown(ish) chandelier wired with fake candles. I took the entire thing apart, pulling the wires out, removing the candles, and put it back together, not entirely in the same order. I needed a base that it could stand on– the original bottom was a ball with a peg coming through, which obviously wouldn’t work!

20130204-201806.jpgOnce it was assembled, I spray painted it silver (I added gold over top, but it really didn’t come out gold). I then added one large and 5 small antique plates (found at Angel View thrift store for a dollar a plate!) using E6000 glue, using books to hold it while the glue dried. And voila!