Kalliope Kids: Sea Life Costumes Part 1

Has it really been two months since I posted anything? I knew I was slacking, but not quite THIS bad! But have no fear, I have been crafting out the wazoo; I now need to play catch-up in my posting of all I have done!

Last weekend we went to the Kids Day at our local sushi joint. They do these once every few months, and each time has a theme for the kids to dress up. They then get to make their own sushi rolls, do crafts, get airbrush tattoos, and in general have a fantastic time. The theme this time was ‘Under the Sea’.

20130419-101046.jpgI decided that Meeska would be a jellyfish. I didn’t expect him to actually wear this hat, but he is the only one that has a sombrero, so by default he got this costume!

20130419-101711.jpgThe only problem I was facing with this costume is that Meeska’s sombrero was expensive, and I needed to keep it intact. So, no glue on the sombrero itself…

20130419-101918.jpgTo compensate for this, I started by cutting two circles of fabric that would cover the sombrero top and wrap around to the underside almost to the head-hole. I then stitched the two layers together around the outer edge, leaving a small opening (I didn’t bother to stitch the layers wrong sides together and flip them–the unfinished edge can just be tucked in later. And yes, I did mean wrong sides–one of my layers is sheer, and I wanted the under layer to show through it, so the wrong side ends up on the outside!)


20130419-102522.jpgThe next step was to wrap the top of the sombrero with batting. I cut strips of batting and rolled it around the top, enough to make a roughly oval shape and cover the hard parts of the sombrero. I then laid the sombrero and stuffing top down on the circles of fabric, and fed a ribbon through the outer edge of the circles.

20130419-102736.jpgThen just pull the ribbon tight, and tie it off, and tuck the unfinished edges under!


The final step is to create the tentacles and decorate the jellyfish. I just used my trusty hot glue gun for this, starting with running a wide ribbon around the outside of the jellyfish ‘head’. I then created large curled tentacles using wired ribbon–I pulled the wire from one side of the ribbon, which lets it curl up on itself (make sure you secure an end before though, or you will just pull the wire right out!). I also added strips of smaller ribbons of varying colors.


Once all the glue has dried, it became a super easy costume – just add matching clothes! And to rescue the sombrero, all I have to do is untie the ribbon on the inside, and the whole thing will come off.

The only other thing I thought about doing for this jellyfish was to add a string of battery power lights under the circles of fabric–giving it that phosphorescence. I thought it would be cool, but since this costume was for daytime, it seemed pointless. However, I can always go back and add them if we use this one for a nighttime (like Halloween…) costume! I think for that all I need to do is wrap the lights around the stuffing, leaving the battery end near the hat hole so they can be turned on and off!


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