Kalliope Kids: Sea Life Costumes Part 2

20130419-173016.jpgBug decided, in true Bug fashion, that she wanted to be a sea horse for the kids day at our sushi place. But a pink sea horse. With purple polka dots. (The conversation we had about it was awfully reminiscent of the one about the unicorn cape–sure I can do that…no problem…)

I started out with two shirts, one her size and one much, much bigger. I did it this way so the color and fabric would match, and I bought the shirts for a couple bucks a piece, so figured it would be about as cheap as just finding fabric. The big shirt I cut up for the various parts that I need to add.

20130419-173615.jpgMy first cut was to create a sea horse tail–I cut through both layers of the shirt to create a tail with a swirled end, then stitched the sides together (right sides together), flipped it right side out, and stuffed with stuffing. I then sewed the tail to the back of the main shirt along the top edge, trying to stitch along the sewed lines of the shirt.


20130419-175333.jpgMy next cut was to make a back fin. (I don’t think sea horses actually have fins, but they have a ridged back and this seemed to add that effect.). Again I cut out a shape out of two layers of shirt, and cut the same out of two layers of felt. I then stitched the fin lines through all layers, and trimmed up the edges (sewing through the different types of fabric shifted everything a bit). I then sewed this fin to the center of the back of the shirt. Oh, yeah, I should probably note–I really just free handed the patterns. There are no templates. There is no rhyme or reason. There is just me and my scissors…but I digress.

The final step for the shirt was to add the purple polka dots. For this I just used my circle punch for my sizzix, and cut out various sized circles from a purple and pink batik fabric. I got lazy at this point, though, and just used a spray adhesive to stick them on–we lost a few, but much less than I expected to. If we needed this costume for anything more than a lunch, I would have considered sewing them on.



Now, on to the hat.

20130419-175833.jpgI started off by raiding the kids dress up box, and found a knight helmet that I figured would work. I hot glued some more fabric scraps (from the t shirt) to it–it took a couple cuts of fabric.

20130419-175945.jpgI also rolled a toilet paper tube in a matching felt (I was out of fabric by this point), and glued this ‘nose’ to the front of the helmet, using a lip of felt off the end of the TP tube.

20130419-180110.jpg. I also cut two more fins (like ears) and hot glued them, and a couple googly eyes, to the top of the helmet and the hat was done!


For the final part, I created a skirt that was supposed to represent the ocean in which my little sea horse lived. I made a long skirt from blue fabric, sewing a large tube together. I added a few layers of tulle to the top of this, doing the same thing–just sewing two ends of a large piece of fabric together. I then folded the top of the layers over, creating a narrow band, sewing all but a small opening and inserted a piece of elastic. (Sorry, I have no pictures of this–it was a really quick sew job). I then cut out seaweed pieces and used spray adhesive to glue them to the lays of tulle. I tried to glue them on different levels, so there was some depth to the ‘sea’.


All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute for something I had no idea what to do with!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Diana Roloff
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 13:07:02

    Such a creative design and I bet little bug loved it too!!


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