Kalliope Kids: Dry-Erase Flowers

I can’t believe that summer is over already! It seems like it was a whirlwind of activity. At least, it must have been since I haven’t managed to blog at all :). This week the big kids went back to school–1st and 3rd grades! How time flies…
Every year, we are asked to donate school supplies for the kids’ use and the classroom. This year, I was inspired to take the donations to the next level (although I did just hand over a bag of supplies, too!)

I decided to make a pot of ‘flowers’ for each of the kids’ teachers. They are always in need of dry-erase markers (6 year olds don’t always cap markers properly!), so I used my trusty cricut machine to cut a basic cardstock flower that had a hole in the center of it. (The flower itself was about 2.5″ across, and is a shape found in the SCAL program.) I used several colors, and just stuck the lids of the markers through the hole. (I used both sizes of marker–wide tip and fine tip–and they both fit the same.) To secure it, I hot-glued a pompom to the top of each to make the center of the flower–this serves double duty as well, as the pompom can be used as an eraser!

I used a plastic container that was low and wide as the pot (they are the kind that has a flip-top with a metal latch that I removed the metal band and lid from). I hot glued a band of ribbon around it, added a bow, and filled each half full with dried beans to be the anchor for the pens. Then I just arranged the flower pens in them, and added a dowel with a note that reads “Thanks a bunch for all you do!” and voila! A usable present that can decorate the teachers’ desks!



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