Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Day 3

Elf on the PottyThis elf is a lot of work–even using ideas found on the Internet! I know that I could just move it around the house, without all the attachments, but once I discovered what some people do with their elves… Well, I have to keep up! That, and K-Dogg is getting to the age where he doesn’t really believe, and I keep hoping that the elf antics will help hook him back in to childhood. At least for another year.
Elf on the Potty 2
So today our elf appeared in the bathroom–fishing goldfish out of the toilet, using a candy cane fishing rod. I used beading wire tied to the extra plastic at the straight end of the candy cane (the loop is the rod’s “handle”) and tied the other end around the tail of a goldfish cracker. I also dumped a few goldfish crackers in the toilet–I figured that they would soften overnight and not be an issue (hopefully!).

I did put Clyde’s booty in a wet wipes container–I was a little worried that he would go for a swim otherwise (especially since the candy cane is much heavier than he is). I added a tag with the poem “Fishing in the potty is only a little bit naughty”. Although I found the poem on the Internet, I made up my own little note cards using Clyde’s “writing” (I.e., the same handwritten font on my computer) and his signature, to make it more personal to our family. Gotta keep using that name, now that he has one!


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