Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Days 5, 6, and 7

Elf on Bugs ShelfThe elf has been busy every day-as have we all!  Day 5 found Clyde in Bug’s room–apparently it was too messy for his liking.  He left her a little note telling her to clean it up (which she did, but I discovered that she just shoved everything into the corners.  Is that really cleaning? It looked better at least…).  The note said,
“Christmas is coming, your room is a mess.
Can you please clean up? I would be so impressed!
It may not be fun, but it’s easy to do.
You can make it much neater.  I believe in you!”

Elf on the boys' shelfOn day 6, Clyde had moved over to the boys room.  Bug, Meeska and I were heading to Disneyland for the day to meet a friend of mine, so Clyde appeared in Meeska’s Mickey Mouse airplane.  His note for the day read,
“Hey Meeska, I hear you will see your best friend!
Remember to have lots of fun at D-land.
And be nice to your sister and the new friends you’ll meet,
because making new friends sure can’t be beat!
And K-Dogg, you’ll do great at school today.
I’m sure you will get another time to play.
Keep being good, being nice to each other,
being nice to your friends, you aunt, dad, and your mother!”
Now, before you worry that poor K-Dogg didn’t get to come on a trip to Disney with us… He got to go to two hockey games with his dad the last week, and Bug was feeling left out.  So the trip was her special thing.

Making Reindeer FoodDay 7 found us on the weekend–Saturday morning. I wanted Clyde to set something fun up for the kids, so he got out the baking (well, mixing bowls). Clyde was found in the kitchen surrounded by several bowls, and holding a wooden spoon (you’ll notice he also had his Mickey plane–I think he flew downstairs in it. The kids didn’t notice that one…). Clyde set it up for the kids to mix up our reindeer food for Christmas Eve.  He had a bowl of oats, and three smaller bowls of the mix-ins (one for each kidlet). He also had set out his recipe card for them to follow–the kids then just needed to dump the stuff in with the oats and stir it up. Easy peasy baking for them! Oh yeah, the note for the day read:
“Yesterday you all were so very good,
I told Santa about it (you knew I would!).
Today, I started to help you to make
Reindeer food for the reindeer to take.
Please help mix it up, I’ve measured it all,
You just need to stir it all up in a bowl.
Then on Christmas Eve, sprinkle outside with care,
For the reindeer to munch on when Santa is there!”

Want to see the recipe card? Click Reindeer Food Recipe Card!


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