Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Days 8, 9, 10, and 11

Turtle RacingSee the title? It rhymes with the last one. All this elf nonsense has me thinking in rhymes all the times! But I digress…
Day 8 found our elf racing a turtle. This is one of those ideas that I found someone else’s poem for, and went with it! (There really are not many poems out there. Apparently not everyone leaves notes every day. I am really wishing that I didn’t decide to do this as well…). The note for the day:
“I decided to take the car for a spin.
I was racing a turtle–I think I win!”
It is definitely nice to have these little notes printed and ready for my lazy nights!

Elf KissesDay 9? Yeah, this is another of those already found ones:). Clyde left elf kisses out for the kidlets. The note for the day reads:
“With little Elf eyes watching you,
There’s not a lot that Santa misses.
So to help you be good today,
Here are some sweet Elf kisses!”
The biggest problem with this one is that Clyde took my baking kisses, and now I need to go buy more for the cookies!!

Elf in the TreeI really didn’t intend to do three pre-done antics in a row (I wanted to save them for the days I was really not being creative), but unfortunately, we put up our tree and decorated it. So the Elf in the Tree had to happen that night–it would have been weird if Clyde waited. So, Clyde appeared in the tree, happy as can be, with a note for the kidlets three:
“Look what I see!
You decorated the tree!
It looks so pretty–
Did you do it just for me?”

Elf on the Advent CalendarsI am now all caught up on Clyde’s antics! This morning we woke to find him on the advent calendars–we each have a candy cane advent calendar (made by yours truly), and Clyde was hanging from the top of Daddy’s. Daddy doesn’t remember to eat his candy cane every day, so his was the logical choice–otherwise Clyde would have messed up the countdown! Clyde even had candy cane left on his mouth (we have fruit flavored ones, so he had to eat a blue one so the kids could see it!)ElfontheAdventCalendar2
The note for the day? This is what it did say!
“Your advent calendars are so very fun,
I did eat a candy cane, but only just one.
I took it from Daddy’s, I know he won’t mind,
He hasn’t been eating them anyway, you’ll find!”

Stay tuned for more elf antics!


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