Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Days 8, 9, 10, and 11

Turtle RacingSee the title? It rhymes with the last one. All this elf nonsense has me thinking in rhymes all the times! But I digress…
Day 8 found our elf racing a turtle. This is one of those ideas that I found someone else’s poem for, and went with it! (There really are not many poems out there. Apparently not everyone leaves notes every day. I am really wishing that I didn’t decide to do this as well…). The note for the day:
“I decided to take the car for a spin.
I was racing a turtle–I think I win!”
It is definitely nice to have these little notes printed and ready for my lazy nights!

Elf KissesDay 9? Yeah, this is another of those already found ones:). Clyde left elf kisses out for the kidlets. The note for the day reads:
“With little Elf eyes watching you,
There’s not a lot that Santa misses.
So to help you be good today,
Here are some sweet Elf kisses!”
The biggest problem with this one is that Clyde took my baking kisses, and now I need to go buy more for the cookies!!

Elf in the TreeI really didn’t intend to do three pre-done antics in a row (I wanted to save them for the days I was really not being creative), but unfortunately, we put up our tree and decorated it. So the Elf in the Tree had to happen that night–it would have been weird if Clyde waited. So, Clyde appeared in the tree, happy as can be, with a note for the kidlets three:
“Look what I see!
You decorated the tree!
It looks so pretty–
Did you do it just for me?”

Elf on the Advent CalendarsI am now all caught up on Clyde’s antics! This morning we woke to find him on the advent calendars–we each have a candy cane advent calendar (made by yours truly), and Clyde was hanging from the top of Daddy’s. Daddy doesn’t remember to eat his candy cane every day, so his was the logical choice–otherwise Clyde would have messed up the countdown! Clyde even had candy cane left on his mouth (we have fruit flavored ones, so he had to eat a blue one so the kids could see it!)ElfontheAdventCalendar2
The note for the day? This is what it did say!
“Your advent calendars are so very fun,
I did eat a candy cane, but only just one.
I took it from Daddy’s, I know he won’t mind,
He hasn’t been eating them anyway, you’ll find!”

Stay tuned for more elf antics!


Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Day 4 – Santa Got Captured!

Clyde's Been CapturedFour days in and still going strong!  Tonight Clyde got captured by some of his army buddies (and an ewok, a storm trooper, some weird worker figures…whatever I could find).  Apparently they didn’t like his fishing antics of last night, and thought to teach him a lesson. So poor Clyde got tied to a catapult.

If you notice in the back corner, Santa got captured as well.  What did Santa do?  We don’t know, but he must have been naughty as well!  I will leave that to the kidlets’ imaginations tomorrow morning, when they find Clyde;) Santa was Captured too!

Easy setup tonight, though a bit time consuming.  I had no idea we had so many of these figures!  And, of course, there is a note to go with them.  Tonight’s note read:

“Okay, I admit I was a little bit bad.
But it wasn’t that naughty, only a tad.
But these guys didn’t think so, they caught me you see!
They tied me up to this catapult and were going to fling me!
I promise to be better!  I hope you will be too.
But the real question now is, what did Santa do?
Love Clyde”

Bug needed a little reference to up her behavior a bit–I had to add it in there!

And here is the wild west photo shot:

Elf in the Wild Wild West

Khepri Designs: Christmas Card Holder

20121216-183221.jpgIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house! I’m finally feeling like Christmas is coming, now that we have our trees up and decorated. It smells an awful lot like Christmas around here too! And while we have been decorating and cleaning up, I thought I should make up the card holder to put up our pile of cards we have already received! I headed to Ikea yesterday to get doors for the cabinets we ordered (I ordered the wrong size, and had to exchange them), and they had red picture frames that I thought would work perfectly for this project. So here it is!

20121216-183534.jpgI hot glued a strip of ribbon down each of the base ribbons I used–the two outer ribbons are green satin (though they look black in the picture) with red and white swirls, and the middle ribbon is silver and red with a strip of silver ribbon down the middle. I then glued the ribbons to the picture frame. I used my trusty Cricut to make the words “Merry Mail” with the ‘Feeling Groovy’ cartridge–white with a shadow of green–and added those to the front of the frame. A piece of ribbon glued to the top to hang it, and it was ready to go! I put in the family Christmas card that we are sending out, and I attached our received cards to the hanging ribbons with mini clothes pins (they are tiny, and sooooo cute!). I think it turned out great!


Kalliope Kids: Christmas Wish List Ornaments

20121210-155610.jpgI have been crafting. I swear. I have just been really bad about posting! But I will try to catch up.
Today we made the kidlets’ Christmas Wish List ornaments. Every year I try to turn their Christmas lists into an ornament to hang on the tree, so that one day they can have a collection of them. Actually, I think I still have last year’s in pieces. But I digress.
This year, we made Santa Claus ornaments. The kids wrote each item on their list on a piece of red paper, which we then rolled up and stuffed in a glass ornament. I then added a bit of glitter inside (have to have glitter!), painted a black band with acrylic paint around the ornament, and added a white square with an inside edge of glitter puff paint. I also sprinkled more glitter on the belt, just to add more shine. Really easy way to do it this year! I have to admit that the pictures of these ornaments suck, but I really like the ornaments themselves. And the wish lists are preserved!


Khepri Designs: Halloween Part 2 (pumpkins, monsters, and more!)

20121030-183520.jpgI have been busy carving pumpkins and making pumpkin seeds and doing science experiments today! Okay, I actually carved my pumpkins yesterday, but I took the seeds out of the kids pumpkins today so they can carve them tonight. So I figure that counts.
I carved 2 pumpkins yesterday–a little spider web with Spidey eyes and a larger Frankenstein. I love them! It turns out my pumpkin creativity comes back when I carve them myself (shhhh, don’t tell the kids!). I also managed to roast the pumpkin seeds today too, and we’re enjoying them as I write this! (If you don’t know, just clean the seeds, add some salt and throw them in the oven at 350 degrees or so until they are brown…tasty goodness!)

20121030-184005.jpgI also started a couple science experiments with K-Dogg today. I pulled a couple seeds that were sprouting out of the pumpkin, so I thought we should plant them. Just for learning’s sake, we also planted plain seeds and a couple seeds that were ‘flat’ (just shells, not fully developed seeds). I made K-Dogg look at the differences, then we planted them in three cups and put them in the window. I hope they grow more!

We also made the ghost goo for the apothecary–glow in the dark slime. K-Dogg couldn’t decide whether this was an art project or a science one, but I managed to get a science lesson on atoms and elements and chemistry in there.

20121030-184509.jpgThe goo is great, and the kids are having fun with it (and it is a good addition to my apothecary!). The recipe I used is as follows:
2 tsp borax dissolved in 1/3 cup warm water
1-4oz bottle Elmer’s clear glue (I used blue gel; it worked great)
1 cup water
2-3 Tbsp glow in the dark paint
Neon green food dye
Whisk the glue and water together, and add GITD paint and food dye to desired color. Slowly add the borax mix; the more you add, the stiffer the goo. Start with about 2 Tbsp; mix and it will stiffen up. I actually pull the goo mix out and mix it with my hands, then add more borax mix to the liquid left in the cup to make more. This one is really a trial and error thing for me!


20121030-185859.jpgI thought I should also post my other halloween decorations –this is the wreath I made a couple weeks ago, which I just added a few glitter skulls and hands to a feather wreath I picked up from Michaels on sale.

20121030-190116.jpgWe made these spider egg nests last year, filling white stockings with poly fill, adding plastic spiders (the kids wanted the colored ones), and another white stocking around it all with a few random spiders. We added some fake spider webs to the outside to make it a little more spider-y.


20121030-190445.jpgLast year, the kids and I also made these mason jar monsters– we painted the mason jars with acrylic paints, added eyes and mouths, and put little tea lights in them to light them up at night.

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?!?