Miscellaneous: Elf on the Shelf Day 2 – Elf Recovery

ElfontheShelf-2Our Elf survived:).  Clyde reappeared today on the mantel, toting a jar of Magic Recovery Dust, another letter, and a picture of him being helped by Santa himself!

As I mentioned previously, Clyde suffered a fall night before last, and had to be touched to be picked up off the floor (in a house with 3 kids and 3 dogs, it is dangerous to leave him lying around).  Bug was very upset with the idea that Clyde would lose his magic, and did not like when he had to be picked up.  (She was even more upset when he had to be picked up again after her little brother knocked him off his perch again, but Boo doesn’t really understand the concept yet.)

We needed a way to deal with this, and a way to deal with it should it happen again (which is likely).  So he came with his own jar of Magic Recovery Dust (silver, pink and green glitter in a small votive jar that I cleaned out and de-labeled).  I added a tag to let them know exactly what it is and put it in Clyde’s lap, in the hope that they won’t take it themselves (it is meant for the grown-ups in the family to help the recovery).

Clyde and SantaClyde also returned with this photo of him being “dusted” by Santa.  Clyde stated in his letter that he made it back to the North Pole, and I wanted to offer the kidlets a visual.  I Photoshopped together a picture I found online of a lit up Christmas tree in the snow, a picture of Santa, and a picture of Clyde (I did some manipulations on them to make them a bit more cartoon-y).  I then added a trail of Magic Recovery Dust from Santa to Clyde’s head.

And now we have an out, should Clyde fall again!  I wanted to make sure that the kids knew that it was an accident, and accidents are not as bad as deliberately disobeying the rule of no-touching Clyde.  If they do decide to touch him (which happened last year–Clyde disappeared for several days that time), well, Clyde may be gone for a while.  He may even need to visit the North Pole Hospital 😉

Want to see today’s letter from Clyde?  Click below!

Letter from Clyde Post-Fall